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Neptune/Actaris Trident Turbine Meters

Since 1892, TRIDENT has been the standard for quality and workmanship in the water meter industry. The TRIDENT TURBINE meter continues the TRIDENT tradition by combining modern materials with proven measuring principles.

Every TRIDENT TURBINE offers these specific advantages:

Hermetically Sealed Register

  • Ease of Reading
  • Adaptability
  • Strength
Unitized Measuring Unit
  • Interchangeability
Trident Rotor Design
  • Low Flow Sensitivity
  • Sustained Accuracy
  • Durability
For the industrial user, these TRIDENT TURBINE advantages total up to maximum loss control through sustained accuracy, long life, and minimum maintenance.

Trident Turbines are available in 2", 3", 4", 6" & 8" sizes. Every TRIDENT TURBINE fully complies with the latest A.W.W.A. Standard C-701.

Trident Turbine Simplicity for Maximum Operating Revenue

Hermetically Sealed Register

Ease of Reading

The register seal and dehumidifier capsule eliminate lens fogging. The register can be mounted in four positions, 90° apart, for easy reading.

Reduced Maintenance

Magnetic coupling eliminates stuffing box leaks.

Bronze Maincase


Corrosion-resistant, rugged, compact and easy to handle.

Unitized Measuring Element


Complete measuring element, cage, cover and register, may be quickly and easily interchanged with factory calibrated unit.

Trident Rotor Design

Increased Low-flow Sensitivity

Direct-coupled rotor insures no slippage during fast starts, eliminates magnet drag and scale build up on magnet. Dual out board bearings provide equalized bearing loading.

Sustained Accuracy

Thrust-compensated rotor configuration relieves pressure on thrust bearings, provides longer bearing life.


Tough tungsten-carbide thrust beari\ngs and rotor shaft insure prolonged life of measuring unit.
Neptune/Schlumberger Trident Turbine Meters
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